Out of the Kobold Cave

Last session was our group’s first session.

Archibald woke to find himself captured in a cave by a group of kobolds, with Morgan in the adjacent cell. After breaking out they proceeded to fight their way through the cave of kobolds, almost dying a few times.

Eventually they made their way to the end boss of the cave, a larger kobold giving all the orders. They fight and eventually kill all of the kobold minions, Morgan was knocked out by the large one by this time. Once all of his minions are defeated the larger kobold transformed into a small doppelganger and tried to talk his way out of the situation he was in while screaming about how his “army of dragons” has been defeated. Archie wanted nothing to do with it and whipped the creature across the face. Upon being struck again and close to death the doppel ran as fast as he could out of the cave.

After beating the kobolds the group then proceeded to the nearby small village of Thrall’s Point. Archie immediately B-lined it to the tavern, and started putting alcohol back like it was nothing. Eventually he gets into a barfight with 3 other prize fighters and wins, gaining the group quite a bit of cash and catching the attention of a monk named Victor. Victor tells Archie about how he should go to a monk stronghold towards the north and train there to better hone his skills.

And that is where we stopped for the night.


kpriley21 kpriley21

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